The future starts now

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Succession planning has a vitally important part to play in the long-term future health of any farm. And it's never too early to start. By Kevin Deane, director of Harcourts Kevin Deane Real Estate and rural sales consultant.

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What’s the long range colour forecast?

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New season's fashion isn't just for your wardrobe. The team at Resene take a look at what colours fashionable homes will be wearing over spring and summer.

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Get more than a first impression from open homes

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Open homes give you a great first impression of a property and you’ll know almost immediately if it’s one you want to pursue. But that first visit can be much more than a “once over lightly” impression. How do you make sure you’re getting as much information from it as possible.

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Buy your home for less

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Some tips for trimming the cost of your mortgage by our mortgage advice partners Mortgage Express

As a homeowner, paying off your mortgage before you retire is important. Once you hit retirement age, the last thing you want is to be saddled with debt, or to have to continue working to pay off the balance of your mortgage. Here are some ways to help you reduce your total mortgage and help you buy your home for less.

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The art of choosing the right white

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White is white is white, right? Wrong. Our guest bloggers from Resene have some useful advice on choosing the which white – or other neutral colour option – is going to work best for your project.

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Create a home office to increase your sale price

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Many jobs can now be done remotely and working from home is becoming increasingly common.

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Wrapping up your home for winter

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Keeping your house heated efficiently when winter hits is all about good insulation. The team from Pink Batts NZ have some tips:

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Tips to keep kids happy on moving day

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Moving house can be stressful and upsetting for everyone, but particularly young children, especially if they’ve previously only known one home. But with a little foresight, planning and some good old distraction techniques moving to a new home need not be traumatic.

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Getting to know your new neighbourhood

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Buying a new home often means moving to a new suburb, city or even country. It may be a new location you chose simply because you loved it, or it maybe it’s where you need to be for work or family. Whatever the reason for your change in location, it can be a little daunting finding ways to get to know the neighbourhood and have it start feeling like home.

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Manuka honey - the new liquid gold

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There is increasing interest from overseas based investors wishing to purchase land in Northland for the farming of manuka honey.

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