Warm up your home with interior design

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The team at Resene recommend these interior design tips to make your home look warm and welcoming this winter.

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Things to consider before building a granny flat

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If you have an empty space in the backyard just right for a granny flat or self-contained dwelling, it might be the perfect way to add some extra rental income or provide for a growing family. Here is a list of things to consider before you start building.

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Going, going, gone! Why we recommend auctions

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When it comes to selling your house, we know getting the very best price with the least stress is your top priority. Auctions are often the best way to achieve this, as well as offering several other benefits for sellers too. Read on to find out why going under the hammer will likely work for you.

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What does the national average buy you around the country?

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Our latest national figures show the average price you will pay to buy a property in New Zealand is now $592, 518.  

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Canterbury - what a great place to live

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We are pretty spoilt when it comes to winter in Canterbury with our mountains to the sea landscape. Here are just some of the things we love about winter in Canterbury, all of which make it a great place to live.

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Save on Winter Warming Costs

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At this time of the year we are amazed that every time we get another electricity or gas bill in the mail it just seems to get higher. But the question we should be asking is how can I make the next one lower?

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How to choose a great neighbourhood

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Moving to a new town or city can be overwhelming, particularly if you're trying to choose a neighbourhood to buy a home in. While it’s true that what a great neighbourhood looks like can differ person to person, all great neighbourhoods do share some common factors that are universally appealing. Here we explore 10 signs the neighbourhood you live in (or would like to live in) is a good one.

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