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Mould & Dampness

04-Jun-2021 07:00:00 Share this:

Rental homes need to be free from mould and dampness before being rented out. During a tenancy, tenants need to keep the house well-aired and remove any mould straight away.

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Dude, where’s my heat pump!?

03-Jun-2021 13:19:25 Share this:

From 1 July 2021, private landlords must ensure their rental property complies with the healthy homes standards within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy.

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New Pathway to Address Anti-social Behaviour

28-May-2021 10:43:21 Share this:

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020 provides landlords with a new pathway for responding to anti-social behaviour in periodic tenancies. These changes were effective from 11 February 2021.

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NZ Immigration under review

18-May-2021 06:41:25 Share this:

News of a review of New Zealand’s immigration policy has some in the primary sector a little nervous.

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Waiting for the cows to come home

17-May-2021 12:21:24 Share this:

There’s many a weary farmer out there wishing their cows could get themselves from the paddock to the milking shed.

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Bid like a pro!

15-May-2021 11:00:00 Share this:

If you want to win at auction, you need to bid like a pro.

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3 steps to marketing your property more effectively on social media

14-May-2021 08:13:42 Share this:

Many people are marketing their properties using online platforms to raise awareness and generate more interest in the property.

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A view on the Government’s recent moves to cool the housing market

29-Apr-2021 13:17:55 Share this:

The topic of the real estate market is always front and centre in New Zealand, but the current level of commentary, like prices, is at record levels!

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Government announces range of measures impacting residential property ownership

29-Apr-2021 13:11:21 Share this:

On Tuesday 23 March 2021, the Government announced it would be implementing a range of integrated measures to accelerate the building of new houses, including freeing up build-ready land and investing in infrastructure.

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Ending Tenancies

26-Mar-2021 08:00:00 Share this:

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act changed the way that landlords can end both
fixed-term and periodic tenancies.

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