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Auction achieves outstanding result in Havelock North

22-Dec-2021 13:06:05 Share this:

After just a three week auction campaign, this 1980s single-level brick home in Havelock North sold for a phenomenal price of $1,490,000 - 96% above the August 2019 Capital Value.

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New record set for sale of Tatua dairy supply farm

22-Dec-2021 10:04:09 Share this:

A dairy farm in the prime Waikato dairy district near Morrinsville that supplies the highly regarded Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company has been sold at auction for a record-breaking price per hectare leading to an eventual sale price of $8.21 million. The 63.6ha farm at 208 Horrell Road has some of the area’s finest soils and Harcourts Morrinsville business owner Kevin Deane says it is probably one of the most exceptional properties he’ll ever market.

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Migrants Crucial to NZ Rural Industry and Communities

03-Dec-2021 11:00:00 Share this:

A migrant from the Philippines who won the national Farm Manager of the Year title for 2021 nearly chucked it all in before landing his dream role. But Christopher Vila is a believer in destiny.

Christopher Vila and wife Jonah with their young daughter

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Bill passed that can restrict tenancy terminations if people are required to stay at home due to a COVID-19 outbreak

30-Nov-2021 11:12:59 Share this:

On Thursday 28 October 2021, the Government passed legislation that can restrict tenancy terminations when people are required to stay at home due to public health measures. The restrictions on tenancy terminations will be able to be switched on and off by Ministerial Order (a ‘COVID-19 tenancies order’) in response to public health measures which generally restrict people from moving house (for example, Alert Level 4 restrictions).

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What Tenants Should Know - Healthy Homes Update

29-Nov-2021 14:00:00 Share this:

From 1 July 2021, landlords must ensure that their rental properties comply with the healthy homes standards within 90 days of any new, or renewed, tenancy.

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Privacy Commissioner cracks down on compliance in rental accommodation sector

29-Nov-2021 11:00:00 Share this:

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has issued the following media release regarding its launch of a new compliance monitoring programme to ensure that property managers and agencies are acting in accordance with the Privacy Act.

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What Tenants Should Know - Notice Periods for Vacating

29-Nov-2021 09:00:00 Share this:

The notice period that landlords and tenants must give to terminate a tenancy changed on 11 February 2021, and the notice period now depends on when a tenancy was granted, and the type of tenancy.

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What Tenants Should Know - Swimming Pool Safety Portable Pools

26-Nov-2021 16:30:00 Share this:

As the hot summer months approach, it is tempting to purchase a portable pool to cool off in. But before you do, there is important legislation that you need to be aware of with regards to pool gates and barriers. It is vital to understand that portable pools are treated the same way as other residential pools.

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What Tenants Should Know - How to Clean Your Heat Pump Filter

26-Nov-2021 14:18:41 Share this:

With the healthy homes standards heating up, many properties in New Zealand are being fitted with heat pumps. These are not only great for heating your home in the winter months but can also serve to keep cool in the hot summer season but, like most appliances, they require regular cleaning.

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