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Bring out the best in your bach

13-Dec-2016 10:29:52

If you’re reclining on the deck of your bach thinking the place could use a bit of a spruce up, Resene have a few ideas for inspiration.


As coastal areas have been developed, it’s common to find traditional Kiwi baches in amongst modern architectural dream homes. Owners of both yearn for the pleasures of the great outdoors – sun, sea and surf – though enjoying it surrounded by the sheer basics or all the luxuries of the city.

Both have key elements in common, with a predominance of rugged materials, timber weatherboards and wooden decks designed to fit with the coastal environment.


19 HB0914 NEW Edwards White Architects_Waihi Bach_2.jpg

Bathroom bach walls painted in Resene Concrete, with trims in Resene Alabaster. Custom-designed plywood cabinetry finished in Resene Qristal Clear Polyurethane (flat). Project by Fraser Cameron Architects.


The traditional Kiwi bach typically has a neutral colour scheme inside and out.  Black wood stains, such as Resene Pitch Black, are very popular outdoors for a smart and sleek look.  Of course, black can attract a lot of heat from the sun, so it’s best to consider a CoolColour option in your Resene stain or paint and check the surface can handle the dark colour. If black is not your thing, softer greys and blackened whites are also very popular options.  The sun tends to wash out light colours, so if in doubt, try a shade or two darker than your original choice.

When it comes to indoors, chances are your bach has an eclectic mix of furniture – colour, style and size - which has slowly found its way to the bach over time.  In many baches much of the charm is built up through this collection of treasures. If the mismatch is starting to overwhelm you, there is one way to bring them into a common look.  Choose a palette of Resene colours and upcycle each piece to bring it into the new colour scheme.  This might just mean painting wooden furniture, or perhaps updating the fabric on chairs along with a fresh coat of paint on the legs.  If you’re only doing a small area a few Resene testpots might be all you need.

When it comes to the general interior colour scheme think about bringing nature indoors to blur the line between inside and out. Blues and greens underpin many coastal colour schemes. Weathered and washed shades work well with clear finished timbers and whitewashed finished floors and timber.  Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resene Breathless, Resene Escape are all soft and soothing blues that have a very timeless and relaxing feel. 


Back wall in Resene Duck Egg Blue, skirting and sideboard drawers in Resene Milk White, floor in
Resene Barometer, ladder in Resene Bach.

Tone-on-tone neutral schemes are also common, and are an easy decorating option for those with eclectic furniture that may not harmonise with a more colour focused interior.  Cool light colours used on walls may help them seem to recede, increasing the sense of space.  See the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection for options.

For summer baches, feature colours tend to be sunny, optimistic and citrus; think a pop of orange, yellow or lime.  For baches predominantly used in winter feature colours tend to focus on reds and burnt oranges for an added sense of warmth and cosiness.

Interior paint finishes tend to be low sheen, complemented by tonal joinery contrasts or subtle highlighting of these areas by employing different gloss levels to the walls.  Products such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel are popular as an easy to clean option that can take the rigours of a busy holiday at the beach.

19 HB0316 Wilson Bach bathroom whites.jpg

Bathroom bach walls painted in Resene Concrete, with trims in Resene Alabaster. Custom-designed plywood
cabinetry finished in Resene Qristal Clear Polyurethane (flat). Project by Fraser Cameron Architects.

Outside finishes range from wood stains designed to add colour to timber while retaining the natural grain through to semi-gloss finishes for easy cleaning.  Salt is the natural enemy of exterior systems meaning regular maintenance and washing is needed to maximise the life of the coating.

Furnishings with multiple functions are an ideal way to make your bach more adaptable.  Chairs that convert to beds, foot stools that have hidden storage.  Clever room and door positioning and closing options further enhance the space by minimising the wasted space often caused by swinging doors.  Ranch sliders open up whole sides of homes, increasing the sense of space onto exterior decked areas, recreating the ambience of camping with no loss of creature comfort.  Clutter is the natural enemy both of limited floor spaces and relaxing holidays and for this reason practical durable furniture is best selected with care.

Well placed landscaping can provide much needed privacy without the need for fussy window dressings while providing natural windbreaks for outdoor dining and recreational areas.

Remember as well as bringing the indoors in, take the indoors outside.  Create an outdoor room so you can make the most of your holidays and enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather.


For more advice on painting your bach, visit your local Resene ColorShop,

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