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Educating Tenants

29-Jun-2021 12:54:17

Educating Tenants Blog

At Harcourts, we take our obligations to tenants seriously and it is important that we help them to understand their responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and also understand what the landlords’ responsibilities are.

This is more important than ever as the healthy homes standards compliance dates are triggered from 1 July 2021, as tenants enter into new or renewed tenancies.

Our latest edition of Harcourts ‘Renting & You’ has been distributed to our 23,000+ tenants throughout the country. In this literature we have focused on the healthy homes standards to ensure that tenants understand what these standards mean and what they can expect and when. We have also included information on what tenants can do to keep their home free from mould and dampness, particularly during the cold winter months. Tenancy Services have also launched their own tenant focused campaign in June 2021.

As savvy tenants become aware of the healthy homes standards and that with any new or renewed tenancy, landlords only have 90 days to meet all five standards, they will be on the move if their current rental property is not dry, warm and healthy.

These articles were featured in Harcourts Property Management Focus, Issue 6 2021.

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