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Have you considered a career in real estate?

09-Feb-2018 11:40:53

If you’re thinking about a career change and are looking with something that offers a huge amount of flexibility and the ability to manage your own workflow, with the potential for huge rewards, you may want to consider a career in real estate.

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Here’s what you should know:

What qualifications do you need?

To get started in real estate you don’t have to have any previous qualifications or experience. What you do need is a Level 4 National Salespersons Certificate, which you can obtain through Harcourts’ own registered training academy.

Once you achieve that qualification you need to apply to the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) for your licence, as all real estate agents selling in NZ must hold a current registered license.

Once you have that, you’re good to go. This means real estate often appeals to those looking for a mid-career change of direction, as it does not involve years of re-training.

For more information on getting your licence click HERE

Why should you consider a real estate?

As a real estate sales consultant, you will be running your own business, based around your own work, in a thriving sector of the economy that impacts almost every person at some point in their lives. You work the hours that work best for you and what you want your income level to be. The harder you work, the more you can reap the rewards.

Who should consider a career in real estate?

We see people enter the profession from all different walks of life, and at all different stages of their working life. Some come into it as their first career choice, often after they’ve finished university degrees in everything from engineering and arts, to marketing and property. We also see a lot of people enter the profession as a mid-career change, from a huge range of different industries and professions. These people often see the freedom and flexibility of real estate to be a real career advantage.

Is there a preferred personality type?

The short answer is no. People who are self-motivated, tenacious and passionate about property, and who thrive on healthy competition in a sales environment, tend to be the people we see do well. But it’s also important to realise that these are skills that anybody can learn in a company with a supportive team environment backed by world class training.

Is it all about sales? Are there other career paths?

While most people enter the industry selling residential, lifestyle/rural or commercial property, there are other careers available. Once you have a great platform in selling and a knowledge of how the business works, you can diversify. Other career options include: auctioneering or managerial roles. Under the Harcourts model, because we are a 100% franchise model, there are also opportunities available to move into business ownership, either in a joint venture, or opening a new office. There are also national and international corporate roles to consider.

What happens once you’re qualified?

Once you are qualified and licensed as a real estate agent you then need to consider how to operate as a business person. The initial qualifications and license teach you the legalities and technical aspects of being a real estate agent, but they don’t teach you how to be a business person.

Harcourts has a registered training academy which will teach you how to operate a business, which, as a real estate sales consultant is what you are doing. Our training teaches our sales consultants how to be a market specialist, a negotiator, a prospector, so you can go out and gain your own listings and build your own business with clients who will keep coming back to you.


If you want more information about switching to a career in real estate, Harcourts regularly hosts a free Careers Evening in Auckland, click HERE to find out more.





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