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Healthy Homes Compliance Statements – DIY or Professional Report?

30-Jun-2020 09:48:14


The deadline for the Healthy Homes Compliance Statement has been extended to 1 December, but even with the extension, landlords must continue to collect the information required with urgency in order to complete the compliance statement for all rental properties and make a plan to meet the standards.

Harcourts recommends meeting all healthy homes standards by 1 July 2021 or risk extended vacancy periods as prospective tenants will select homes that already meet the standards and good tenants are likely to move to dryer, warmer, healthier homes.

Compliance statements will be required for new or renewed tenancies from 1 December. However, landlords who don’t have the right information on file when a tenant gives notice may not have enough time to get a property inspected, and the compliance statement prepared, without leaving the property vacant in order to get the report done.

Many Harcourts offices have recommended that landlords get qualified tradespeople to complete the required checks and supply a report with the information for each standard. These reports include which standards a property may already meet, and what work is required to meet all other standards, if any. These reports do incur a cost, but when measuring rooms, checking ducting in ceilings, checking the condition and installation of insulation and ground moisture barriers is required, it is a cost that guarantees peace of mind and a plan to meet the healthy homes standards.

It is important to note that this work is outside of the scope of most property managers, and professionals will
be required for at least some of the checks.

Landlords who don’t have the information required to complete the compliance statement should consider hiring a professional to do this on their behalf. Any mistakes could be costly, and with the 1 July 2021 deadline to meet all standards for new or renewed tenancies only one year away, a clear plan is needed.

This article is featured in Harcourts' Property Management Focus Newsletter Issue 6, 2020

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