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James' and Charlotte's Journey to Business Ownership with Harcourts

28-Nov-2019 11:07:50

In 2009, Charlotte and James Marshall were high performing sales consultants working 7 days a week for another real estate company and looking for the next step in their real estate careers. “We were ready to make the move into business ownership, but we didn’t really know where to begin,” said James, “so we shopped around and looked at all our options.”

074A134059rtHarcourts offered the Marshalls the technology, processes and people to bridge the gap between sales consultant and business owner.

“Harcourts had the complete package – everything we needed to go from top sales consultants to successful business owners,” said James. “It was like being given the playbook and Harcourts’ people were always there to help. They made the transition easy.”

Charlotte and James love a challenge, so they started their business at the tail end of the Global Financial Crisis. “I can still remember it,” said Charlotte. “We leased our office in Epsom and there were just three people in it, the two of us and our PA.”

It was a big step and there were challenges, but the Marshalls have never looked back. “We’ve built a hugely successful business that now employs 40 people and we haven’t worked weekends in years. But it’s not just about our success – it’s also been incredibly rewarding to create an environment where other people can succeed.”

2019 marks 10 years since the Marshalls opened the doors to Harcourts Charlton Realty in Auckland – with busy offices in both Epsom and Mt Eden. “It’s quite a milestone,” said James, “and an opportunity to look back with real satisfaction at what we’ve achieved. Harcourts has been a big part of that success. They’ve been with us the all the way.”

074A8899-large group photo-1The Harcourts Charlton Realty team


What does your real estate future hold?

As a new business owner, Harcourts provides you with the depth of experience and resources to build a profitable business, one that can ultimately grow into a highly valued and saleable asset.

Opportunities are now available in Ponsonby, Remuera, Mission Bay and 10 other Auckland locations.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your real estate career and secure your future click here to find out more.



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