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Light up the night

28-Feb-2018 15:04:27

It’s often Christmas time when thoughts turn to lighting up your home exterior – and then it’s all about creating a bold festive focus. But, if, say a visit to the Auckland Lantern Festival, has you inspired to light up your landscape in a more permanent way that’s really going to show your property off while maybe making it safer, here are a few things to think about:

  • Safety: Walk the main thoroughfares of your property in the dark, with just a torch. It will quickly help you identify the areas that need lighting. Where are you likely to trip? Is the pathway clear? Does it change direction? Are there steps? Are there places you’re like to walk into things like overhanging trees, or jutting out bay windows? Are there areas you need to access a lot in the dark, such as wheelie bins or the wood pile? Use all these things to plan your safety lighting. You may need one or two bright lights, or a trail of smaller lights that brighten up walkways.


  • Security: Good lighting can be a huge help in making your property more secure. If you’re often coming home in the dark, good sensor lights where you have to get in and out of the car and walk to the door are a great idea. And think about lighting up dark corners of the garden where intruders may be able to hide. Sensor lights are good option for security lighting as the turn on in response to movement and mean you can avoid having your section constantly lit up like the flight-deck of the USS Enterprise.
  • Style: So that’s the strictly sensible stuff done, but the right lighting in the right spots can really add some welcoming warmth and style to your property. Think about the areas you use most in your section and how you use them. An ideal lighting plan should allow you flexibility in how you light up for different uses. Brighter spots where you are cooking on the BBQ or around a pool, for example, and more subtle, dimmer lights with prettier fittings in areas you may be sitting and socialising. Do you have a showpiece tree that might look great dotted with fairy lights? Can you wrap strings of lights underneath a pergola? Or perhaps a freestanding showpiece light you can sit around. If you have great indoor/outdoor flow also think about how your outdoor lights may work with nearby indoor lights.


  • Sense: It’s also vital to consider how your lights will be powered and make sure you have them fitted by a qualified electrician where necessary. But also keep an eye out for solar power lights which are a simple, safe option. Make sure you select light fittings that are designed for outdoors and, when it comes to selling your property, make sure everything is well-maintained before open homes. A well-lit, inviting, outdoor entertainment area can be a big selling point for a home, so if you know it looks great at night, make sure you talk to your sales consultant about photographing it that way.


Harcourts is a major partner to the Auckland Lantern Festival, in the Auckland Domain, March 1-4. Come celebrate with us!

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