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Perfect painting

23-Nov-2016 11:41:08

There’s no doubt about it, most Kiwis love DIY, and there aren’t many more satisfying feelings than finishing off a project at home. When it comes to painting, here Resene off some top tips you’ll need for a professional job.



Prepare, prepare, prepare

Allow plenty of time for surface preparation. It’s the bit most people enjoy least, but the part that pays off the most.  Many paint failures are caused by poor surface preparation. 

Use good quality products.

That means the best quality paint and the best quality accessories. The best paint job is achieved with the right brush, roller or application equipment for the job. If you use a cheap, poor quality brush with a high-quality paint you won’t get the best performance out of the paint.

Deal with doubts

If you think a colour you are looking at on a Resene colour chart may be too dark for your interior, choose a lighter colour. Colours will look more intense when they are painted onto a large indoor area. When painting outside, the opposite rule applies – if in doubt, choose a darker Resene colour as the sun will make the colour seem lighter.

Don’t just gloss over it

When selecting colours, remember to factor in the gloss level. Most colour charts are produced using low sheen chips. If you use a gloss finish it will look brighter and cleaner; if you use a flat finish it will look darker and more intense.


Test, test, test

Always use a Resene testpot or three to confirm your colour choices in the area you are planning.

Cover up imperfections

If you have a less than perfect surface, use lower sheen paint.  The lower the sheen the more imperfections the finish will hide.

Watch the temperature

Try not to paint in very hot or very wet conditions. If it’s too hot the paint will dry too fast and give you a patchy result. If it’s too wet the paint won’t be able to cure and long term performance may be affected.

If you have to paint outside on a hot day, avoid painting in the sun. Instead paint on the shaded side and try to keep in the shade as the sun moves around the house.

Slow down in the heat

If your paint is drying too fast in summer, add Resene Hot Weather Additive.  This will slow down the drying and give you a longer wet edge… making it easier for you to get a great finish.


Save clean up time

When you’re taking a break for lunch or overnight, wrap brushes or rollers used with waterborne paints in clear food wrap or place them a sealed plastic bag. This will keep the paint fresh and save you having to wash out your tools.

Clean up properly

Always clean out decorating tools well at the end of each job and hang them by their handles. This will keep the bristles or nap in its best condition for the next time you need them. Quality decorating tools treated well can last for many paint jobs.

Save shed space 

Avoid stockpiling paint until it goes hard.  Instead return any empty paint packaging or unwanted paint to the Resene PaintWise recovery and recycling service so it can be reused or recycled.

Happy decorating!


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