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Thinking big but starting small pays off for new Harcourts business owners

12-Sep-2018 13:35:03

Have you ever wanted to be a business owner but let the idea of how difficult it all seems, stand in your way? Well, with Harcourts you don’t have to do it alone.

As a franchised organisation, Harcourts offers a unique opportunity for successful sales consultants or branch managers who want to super-charge their earning power and take their career to the next level, by owning their own real estate business.

We recently spoke to two new business owners in Auckland, who were very happy to share some tips that they learned from setting up their new businesses; that could potentially save you a lot of time, money and even confusion.

1. Leverage Harcourts support

With Harcourts structured processes and tailored approach, taking the first steps to fulfilling your business dreams can be easier than you think. Harcourts’ Business Development team, currently led by Mark Morrison who has opened 8 new offices in Auckland in the last 18 months, will be a continual source of guidance and support throughout the early stages of ownership. He will work with you in a personalised way and his overarching support will help you work through the process of setting up your new business including securing a premise, signage, fit out and design. New Business Owner Anita Barry of Team Uptown in Auckland City and Mushtaq Sheikh, New Business Owner Harcourts Otahuhu both credit Mark as an ‘awesome’ support throughout each of their journeys. Not only does he keep in touch with us, he is the ‘perfect support person’. Anita Barry said the thing she most enjoyed about opening her Harcourts office was the ‘easy process and the support she got’. She added ‘I saw a big difference coming from an independent brand into the Harcourts group, the leads come to us now’, she is very positive that her business will be a success.

2. Stay local

Mushtaq Sheikh said he is ‘confident he will do well’ in his business in Otahuhu. Having set up in mid-2018, Mushtaq has been building his team and working on establishing his brand in the Otahuhu area. He knew the Otahuhu patch very well, working in the area for 5 years before buying his own business. Of course, it’s also possible to be successful in an area new to you but it will be a harder road as getting to know your community is critical to establishing a new business.

3. Start small                                                                                                                                                                        

Often people take the first step into business ownership by entering into a joint venture with an existing Harcourts business owner. This allows them to take on the responsibilities and some of the rewards of ownership in an already successful business, and over time they can look to ‘buy out’ the remaining shareholding of that franchise.

For franchise owners who are starting a new business from the ground up, it is advised to start small and keep your expenses at a minimum to avoid taking on debt, and work within financial limitations.

The Harcourts team will use their combined experience working with other businesses to assist with making a plan that is aligned with your objectives including budgeting, business planning and recruitment.

Anita Barry added, she is ‘very proud’ to be part of the Harcourts family and Mushtaq Sheikh said, ‘the whole team are awesome and from the Chief Executive Officer downwards, he feels supported, always’.

For further information click here or call Mark Morrison on 021 0272 0270

Otahuhu 1

Mark Morrison and Chris Kennedy with Mr and Mrs Mushtaq Sheikh at the opening of their new Harcourts Otahuhu business. They are joined by Shane Prasad Northern Region Business Manager and Ifran Sheikh Sales Consultant at Harcourts Otahuhu.

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