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Bid like a pro!

15-May-2021 13:00:00 Share this:

If you want to win at auction, you need to bid like a pro.

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A view on the Government’s recent moves to cool the housing market

29-Apr-2021 15:17:55 Share this:

The topic of the real estate market is always front and centre in New Zealand, but the current level of commentary, like prices, is at record levels!

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Government announces range of measures impacting residential property ownership

29-Apr-2021 15:11:21 Share this:

On Tuesday 23 March 2021, the Government announced it would be implementing a range of integrated measures to accelerate the building of new houses, including freeing up build-ready land and investing in infrastructure.

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What does 2021 hold for the property market?

05-Feb-2021 08:30:00 Share this:

2020 was anything but predictable and most of the “experts” who speculated on what the property market would do were left with egg on their faces. In this issue, Bryan Thomson, Managing Director of Harcourts New Zealand, reflects on the year that Covid-19 hit
our shores and the factors driving the property market in 2021.

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Auctions are go!

29-Sep-2020 14:32:31 Share this:


It’s rare to hear of thriving areas of industry during these unprecedented times we are in, yet Harcourts auctions across most of the country are smashing records.

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Holiday Homes: Owning your slice of the Kiwi dream

21-Jan-2020 13:22:56 Share this:

If a holiday home has always been a dream of yours, now may be the time to make that dream a reality. Analysis done by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) shows that while house prices around the country may be on the rise, the same is not necessarily true for some popular holiday locations. The latest REINZ statistics reveal that some holiday hotspots are now more affordable than last year.

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The insider's guide to buying or selling at auction

19-Jul-2019 08:44:32 Share this:

Whether you love the thrill of an auction or your knees tremble at the thought, auctions have become the preferred method of selling property in most of the major centres across the country.

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Moving house? We've got some handy hints!

05-Apr-2019 12:22:00 Share this:

Remember to cancel:

☐ Newspaper and/or milk delivery.

☐ Telephone, internet and cable TV.

☐ Gas, water and electricity (arrange a final meter reading).

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Choose a place to live that ticks your checklist

05-Apr-2019 12:04:08 Share this:

Moving to a new town or city can be overwhelming, particularly if you're trying to choose a neighbourhood to buy a home in. While it’s true that what a great neighbourhood looks like can differ person to person, all great neighbourhoods do share some common factors that are universally appealing. Here we explore 10 signs the neighbourhood you live in (or would like to live in) is a good one.

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Living your best life!

21-Feb-2019 16:23:36 Share this:

Clear on the rules and got the money sorted? Is it time to start the hunt for your holiday home?

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