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New Zealand wine industry goes from strength to strength

31-Aug-2020 10:17:17 Share this:

The burgeoning wine industry in New Zealand attracts a lot of interest, with many people acquiring property either for serious production purposes or a combination of production and lifestyle.

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To auction or not auction, that is the question

31-Aug-2020 10:16:56 Share this:

Why go to auction? As one Hawke’s Bay vendor recently discovered, going to auction was exactly what was required to get the result they were looking for, and quickly.

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Go beyond the farm gate to move up the value chain

06-Dec-2019 06:00:00 Share this:

Farmers receive a relatively small percentage of the consumer dollar paid for their products and are always on the lookout for ways to increase their margins.

An obvious way to achieve this is by increasing the size of the operation. Economies of scale are present in most types of farming, but higher total production does not always lead to greater margins. And for smaller producers who are producing a premium product, this may not be an option or even desirable.

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Rural lending tightening despite record low interest rates

29-Aug-2019 07:00:00 Share this:

Interest rates are at an all-time low but access to funding for rural property is becoming more difficult. The Reserve Bank’s proposal to increase capital requirements will reduce the banks’ ability to lend, at least until their reserves are built up, and could increase the cost of capital as the banks move to protect their margins.

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