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Bring out the best in your bach

13-Dec-2016 07:29:52 Share this:

If you’re reclining on the deck of your bach thinking the place could use a bit of a spruce up, Resene have a few ideas for inspiration.

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Topics: Residential, DIY, New Zealand, Maintenance

What’s the long range colour forecast?

21-Sep-2016 08:15:25 Share this:

New season's fashion isn't just for your wardrobe. The team at Resene take a look at what colours fashionable homes will be wearing over spring and summer.

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Topics: Residential, DIY, New Zealand, Decoration, House of Inspiration, Maintenance

The art of choosing the right white

16-Aug-2016 07:52:12 Share this:

White is white is white, right? Wrong. Our guest bloggers from Resene have some useful advice on choosing the which white – or other neutral colour option – is going to work best for your project.

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Topics: Residential, DIY, New Zealand, House of Inspiration, Maintenance

Wrapping up your home for winter

08-Aug-2016 08:40:08 Share this:

Keeping your house heated efficiently when winter hits is all about good insulation. The team from Pink Batts NZ have some tips:

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Topics: Residential, New Zealand, Advice, House of Inspiration, Maintenance

Get your property ready for the winter months

28-Apr-2016 12:55:27 Share this:

Heading into winter it’s a good time to do some maintenance around your home to prepare for the colder months.

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Topics: Maintenance

Grow Your Own Way

09-Mar-2016 06:00:00 Share this:

Creating vegetable gardens has grown in popularity in recent years (‘scuse the pun), and the great news is, starting a vegetable garden is actually pretty easy, not to mention very rewarding having a source of growing your own food.

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Topics: DIY, Gardening, Maintenance

Making An Entrance: Upcycling Your Pot Planters

25-Feb-2016 11:02:57 Share this:

Metallic patterned pot plants are everywhere right now and we’ve got an easy way to incorporate this trend in your home - without the big price tag. Beautifying your doorstep can be as easy as grabbing a pot of paint and an old pot planter. With a little DIY know-how, you can add a splash of trend to the entrance of your home, making it instantly more welcoming. Here’s what you’ll need and a step-by-step video to show you how it’s done…

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Topics: Property Tips, DIY, Maintenance