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Bid like a pro!

15-May-2021 11:00:00 Share this:

If you want to win at auction, you need to bid like a pro.

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3 steps to marketing your property more effectively on social media

14-May-2021 08:13:42 Share this:

Many people are marketing their properties using online platforms to raise awareness and generate more interest in the property.

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Ending Tenancies

26-Mar-2021 08:00:00 Share this:

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act changed the way that landlords can end both
fixed-term and periodic tenancies.

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Six tips to get your house sale-ready

16-Mar-2021 11:41:43 Share this:

If the time has come to sell, preparing your property for viewing can make all the difference.

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How to become a more savvy seller

16-Mar-2021 11:41:38 Share this:

When it comes time to sell, we all want to get the best possible price for our property. For many sellers, it can be a daunting process, even if you’ve done it before

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What does 2021 hold for the property market?

05-Feb-2021 05:30:00 Share this:

2020 was anything but predictable and most of the “experts” who speculated on what the property market would do were left with egg on their faces. In this issue, Bryan Thomson, Managing Director of Harcourts New Zealand, reflects on the year that Covid-19 hit
our shores and the factors driving the property market in 2021.

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Going Green

14-Dec-2020 12:56:58 Share this:


Whether you’re staging your home or not, house plants are a wonderful way to transform the rooms of your home. Adding greenery not only injects colour and structure into a space, it also creates a sense of relaxation and boosts mood. Plants can even reduce noise levels and improve air quality, so with all that going for them, what’s holding you back?

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Want to keep the “staged look” until the house is sold?

14-Dec-2020 12:52:22 Share this:


Home staging is all about selling the feeling of a home to prospective buyers, but living in a staged home can be a little inconvenient. Here are some steps you can take to make your life easier during the selling process.

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Auctions are go!

29-Sep-2020 11:32:31 Share this:


It’s rare to hear of thriving areas of industry during these unprecedented times we are in, yet Harcourts auctions across most of the country are smashing records.

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How Covid-19 is changing what we need and want from our homes

29-Sep-2020 11:31:53 Share this:


During this year’s lockdown, as our homes became ‘our castles’, many of us started to pay more attention to our surroundings.

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