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Building wealth through property investment

26-Jun-2019 06:28:11 Share this:

Owning property is an excellent way to build wealth. Historically, property has been a less volatile investment with real estate values invariably tracking upwards over time. What’s more, you have the added benefit of being able to “leverage” your existing real estate investment to buy an investment property using borrowed money and grow your property portfolio even further.

Using equity to grow your investment portfolio
How much equity do you have in your home or investment property?  Enough to fund your next property purchase and grow your investment portfolio? 

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Insure your investment

05-May-2017 07:22:07 Share this:

One aspect of owning a rental property that’s too often overlooked by owners is the need for landlord insurance.

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Landlord's guide: Choosing good tenants for your investment property

01-Jun-2015 20:03:00 Share this:

No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they are caught with problem tenants. The trick to making sure that never happens, is to vet tenants well in the first instance, so you're not setting yourself up for any surprises.

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Landlords - Your Obligations When It Comes To Smoke Alarms

03-Dec-2014 22:22:00 Share this:

Each year the New Zealand Fire Service attends around 3,500 house fires and at 80% of these smoke alarms were not installed or were not working.

The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 does not have specific sections requiring landlords to provide smoke alarms, however all properties must comply with the Building Act 2004.

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