Yes - you can sell your house in winter

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The standard response when you’re thinking about selling your home but are not sure when, is “sell in spring”. And there’s plenty of truth in that as warmer, drier weather and post-winter itchy feet drive potential buyers out to open homes.

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Insure your investment

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One aspect of owning a rental property that’s too often overlooked by owners is the need for landlord insurance.

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Bring your bathroom up to date

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Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home that can add value for buyers. The team at Resene have some great ideas for bring out the best in your bathroom.

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Southland - what a great place to live

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Southland celebrated its anniversary day earlier this week, so let’s take a look at what makes the region a great place to live.

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What does $618,000 buy you?

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Harcourts latest National Market Watch figures show the average NZ house price was $618,940. Let’s have a look at what you can buy for that – or about that - in different parts of the country.

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What puts buyers off

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There’s a lot of talk about what adds value and attracts buyers when it comes to getting a good price for your property. But just as important are they key things about the property that will put most buyers off:

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How to: Add value in the kitchen

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Kitchens are widely touted as a room of a house that can add value when it comes to selling your property. But not all kitchens are created equal. What can you do to yours to catch a potential buyer’s eye and persuade them to make a good offer?

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Dunedin - what a great place to live

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Otago has been celebrating its anniversary day this week. While it’s a region that showcases all the best of New Zealand from the stunning alpine landscapes and wineries of Central Otago to wild beaches and heritage buildings, we thought it was a good time to shine the spotlight on Dunedin and find out what makes it a great place to live.

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What's new in the world of wallpaper?

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From modern geometrics to exotic eclectics, the latest in wow-worthy wallpapers from Resene ColorShops are pretty, witty and gritty.

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What does $540,000 buy you?

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Our latest National Market Watch report shows the average house in New Zealand for February was $540,678. Here’s what that, or less, could buy you in different regions around the country:

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