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New Zealand wine industry goes from strength to strength

31-Aug-2020 10:17:17 Share this:

The burgeoning wine industry in New Zealand attracts a lot of interest, with many people acquiring property either for serious production purposes or a combination of production and lifestyle.

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To auction or not auction, that is the question

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Why go to auction? As one Hawke’s Bay vendor recently discovered, going to auction was exactly what was required to get the result they were looking for, and quickly.

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Online stock auctions: the pros and cons of going virtual

05-Jun-2020 09:54:41 Share this:

While the virtual world can never replicate the in-person experience, at a time when social distancing is the new normal, auctions have proven to be an effective method of selling everything from hand sanitiser to homes.

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Rural women taking the bull by the horns

25-Feb-2020 12:43:57 Share this:

Rural Women New Zealand national president Fiona Gower was once asked why rural women were doing so well in leadership roles. Her response, their ability to multi-task. Often living in isolated locations, rural women have always had to be resourceful. "We're not just tea and scones", says Fiona.

Pictured: Suzanne Cottle, Lifestyle and Rural Specialist

Harcourts Rural and Lifestyle Specialist, Suzanne Cottle, knows firsthand what it feels like to be a rural woman and have your abilities underestimated. The impetus for her to learn about rural real estate came over 20 years ago when Suzanne and her husband tried to sell their farm.

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Rural lending tightening despite record low interest rates

29-Aug-2019 07:00:00 Share this:

Interest rates are at an all-time low but access to funding for rural property is becoming more difficult. The Reserve Bank’s proposal to increase capital requirements will reduce the banks’ ability to lend, at least until their reserves are built up, and could increase the cost of capital as the banks move to protect their margins.

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Taranaki - cooking with gas

17-Oct-2016 11:24:22 Share this:

Taranaki’s local economy is unique in New Zealand in that it’s fuelled, literally, by oil and gas. Though there are plenty of other industries thriving the region – beef farming for one as well as revived dairy prices, not to mention a healthy demand for lifestyle property from those looking to escape the cities – it is oil and gas that separates the region’s economic profile from the rest of the country.

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The future starts now

27-Sep-2016 05:44:53 Share this:

Succession planning has a vitally important part to play in the long-term future health of any farm. And it's never too early to start. By Kevin Deane, director of Harcourts Kevin Deane Real Estate and rural sales consultant.

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Manuka honey - the new liquid gold

21-Jul-2016 07:01:02 Share this:

There is increasing interest from overseas based investors wishing to purchase land in Northland for the farming of manuka honey.

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