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Selling or leasing now?

06-Apr-2020 07:00:00 Share this:

Maximise your property's exposure online.

Bypass the stress of physical open homes with 6 simple tips to help maximise engagement with your property online.

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Know your auctioneer

21-Jun-2016 09:52:13 Share this:

Selling your house at auction is often the best way to truly test the market, and get the best price for your property. There are many other benefits as well – you have a pre-set timetable for your marketing campaign and if you reach your reserve your house is sold there and then.

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Selling my house at auction: A guide to auction success

08-Mar-2016 12:19:48 Share this:

When selling your property, there are quite a few different modes of sale you can opt for. When it comes to the choice of selling your home through the auction process, the choice will be largely dependent on the type of property you have.

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