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What's new in the world of wallpaper?

20-Mar-2017 10:26:08

From modern geometrics to exotic eclectics, the latest in wow-worthy wallpapers from Resene ColorShops are pretty, witty and gritty.

Faux natural, glitz and nature are key trends for 2017, with metallics, botanics, stylish weathered effects and patterns with blurred edges playing a starring role.



Floral patterns continue to bloom, from large leafy botanicals to petite vintage-inspired florals.

“They are quite graphic, quite textural, quite strong colours, like teal blues with pink butterflies. They have strong nature themes,” says colour consultant and interior designer Wendy Elers of Wendy Elers Colour & Design. “We were already strong with botanicals, like branches and leaves; now there’s a more retro feel to it, with the addition of butterflies and birds. (Think Komar Jardin XXL4-029, Replik J92914, and Keilena 98423 from the Paradise collection).



Hand-drawn and painterly florals are also popular, says Resene consultant Sarah Hawkins, with a trend towards blurred edges and watercolour-like colour gradients.

“We get many enquiries about wallpapers with a painted quality to them,” she says. Think Orangery and Muse 331571, both by Eijffinger, Walltrends III 451610 and Komar Joli V4-719, and collections by Candice Olson and Farrow and Ball.


Muse 331571

Text continues to appear on walls, though not just on its own as previously seen, but mixed with patterns and vintage-inspired florals, like Satin & Silks 2016 CG28820.

And if you’re a fan of black and white, there is something for you, too.



Contemporary geometrics

Geometrics continue to grace walls in both classic and contemporary interiors, but there is an emphasis on metallics (think Clover 331015 and Clover 331044), retro (Charm 331218 and Clover 331051) and ethnic diversity (like the Oriental-inspired Clover 330490, the Arabian-themed Yasmin 341733, and Yasmin 341751, which celebrates the ceremonial art form of the Mehdi). The trellis design is popular too, with many variations on this traditional style being seen. Platinum DL31080 is one example – a contemporary wallpaper that brings an exalted pearl lustre finish to a curvaceous and mod geometric pattern.

“Geometric and tiled prints are received easily by our customers as they can be used in a multitude of rooms and can easily be pictured to fit their space,” says Sarah Hawkins, who says Replik, Retrospective and Shades are popular books.

Faux natural materials

“Still popular are the distressed wood panels, bricks and books look found in the Sky Lounge and Exposed collections,” says Kim Nicol. “This same look has been made a little more interesting with the quirky and eclectic style found in Replik­– more of the same but with an added dimension,” she says.

From wood crates (Exposed PE-11-02-0) and faux leather (Exposed PE-01-02-3) to stone walls (Essentially Yours BN47513) and ceramic tiles, this natural-looking trend is a great way to add drama to a room without the cost and fuss of real materials.

The distressed look is particularly strong, seen in Elements 46533 (a concrete effect weathered by rain) and Essentially Yours BN47533 (aged wood panels).

There is also a rise in a vintage textile effect, such as antique lace and embroidery. Think Carillon Z1821, which has a Victorian lace design, Carillon Z1817, which is embossed with a crochet-style flower, and Carillon Z1845, a bronze satin wallpaper that’s overlaid with a square design made up of tiny, gold, embroidered leaves.

Glitzy metallics

Metallics remain as popular as ever, with even more glitzy options to choose from.

Low-lit rooms get a boost with illuminating metallic wallpapers and plain rooms get a sophisticated update with their association with precious metals like gold, silver and bronze. It’s a simple way to add a touch of luxury to an otherwise plain room.

“A bit of shimmer with that aged look,” is what it’s about says Wendy. “People are going for that weathered and worn look, but they are pairing it with something with a bit sparkle. Some shine and glitz.”

You can see this in wallpapers such as Charm 331203, a stunning pale ochre paper with distressed damask in shimmering metallic grey, and Clover 330491, which comes in panels of pearl lustre with faded blossoms in metallic pink.

For a simple, all-over, elegant sheen, try Clover 331084, which features a subtle cover of mica in dull antiqued gold, and Ibiza 330255, with its luxe, soft-pink shimmer.

3-D prints

Trending right now too are 3D wallpapers – tone on tone papers that create the illusion of 3-dimensional patterns.

“The interest in 3D patterns has risen considerably,” says Sarah Hawkins. “These are often sold to be used in an apartment as a focal point in another wise, minimalist design. Where customers are drawn to the unique appearance and depth, they often shy away from colour, opting for a black, white or neutral option of the 3D designs.”

Concrete blocks (Replik J93619), metal tread plates (Intenz 48892) and basketry and woven designs (City Lights 726466) all take centre stage in the 3-D designs.


Still trending

Some of the classic papers have been given an elegant touch, as seen in the range Satin & Silks, which incorporates classic design and silk finishes ­– a treat for those who prefer a more traditional interior.

And for those who really want to be different, you can create your own wallpaper using Resene WallPrint. “You can use your own image or a chosen one from the library and have a paper made to measure,” says Kim.


View all these wallpapers and more at your local Resene ColorShop in their in store wallpaper library. If your walls could talk, they’d thank you for it.

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