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When does a tenancy start & end?

23-Feb-2022 14:30:00

Tenancy days start and end at midnight. Landlords and property managers must not demand that tenants leave before midnight on the last day of their tenancy.

If a tenant gives notice to vacate on a certain date (such as 1 March 2022) and pays rent for that date, then the tenant has the right to the premises until 11.59pm on 1 March 2022. It is wrong to require the tenant to move out and hand over keys on that date; rather, the keys should be returned early the following day. The final inspection can then take place once the keys are returned.

Harcourts property managers will arrange the timing of exiting and incoming tenants carefully to ensure that the property is clean and any repairs are carried out before a new tenant moves in. Although a new tenant technically has rights to the property from 12.01am, this is not practical; instead, property managers will arrange for keys to be provided to the incoming tenant as early as possible on the first day of their tenancy.

It is recommended to leave a minimum of three working days between tenancies.

These articles were featured in Property Management Focus Issue 2, 2022

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