The Harcourts Academy

Our Harcourts Academy delivers learning with no limits - world-leading, ultra-accessible and incredibly relevant. Even seasoned real estate professionals can leap to the next level with targeted training. The Harcourts Academy conducts more than 500 training programmes each year, transferring know-how, skills and motivation to more than 5000 attendees. It's training on an epic scale delivered when and where it's needed. Learn online, in groups, via expert panels or one-on-one with a mentor. Here’s an overview of what’s available through The Academy.

Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate

The first step in your career in real estate. Become qualified as an accredited real estate salesperson by achieving your New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson).

The Certificate is delivered in partnership with The Skills Organisation and is recognised nationally throughout New Zealand.

A self-paced online course, it includes a number of written assessment activities, online / interactive practice and 1 day in-class reinforcement training and final assessment. Upon enrolment you will have 6 months to complete the course however the average time taken to finish it is approximately 3-4 months.


Harcourts and You

The Harcourts and You day has been designed to provide an in-depth introduction to Harcourts – who we are, where we are in the world, what we have to offer as an organisation, why we do what we do, and how we operate as an organisation.

Everyone joining team Harcourts, no matter what their role, attends this interactive and enlightening day.


Sales the Harcourts Way

Sales the Harcourts Way is a four-day sales programme for those new to the industry (less than one year) – including Harcourts sales consultants, property managers, personal assistants and buyer assistants.

Team members attend an initial four days and then return 90 days later for the final two days of the programme

Future Leaders Programme

The Harcourts Future Leaders Programme is aimed at developing the leaders of our future.

Designed for salespeople with over three years of real estate experienc and a desire to have a management or leadership role, the programme provides a quality career path, and an opportunity to strengthen both personal and professional skills that are required for management and ownership.


Leadership the Harcourts Way

This leadership programme will empower you to take your operations to new levels.

Designed for Harcourts business owners, managers and future leaders; the programme will help our leaders to manage people for high performance and achieve extraordinary success in their business.


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