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December 02, 2016

Achieve your next level

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New Zealand’s largest real estate group Harcourts is launching a new recruitment campaign aimed at attracting more people to the $60 billion plus real estate industry.

The campaign “Achieve your next Level” highlights the opportunity that exists in the real estate industry.

Harcourts Growth Manager Gabrielle Ellett says in the past, real estate was viewed as the sway of those wanting a no experience needed, part time job.

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However, today this is not the case and real estate is recognised as a career with unlimited scope for professional development and advancement.

Ellett says this is particularly true of a career with Harcourts, which is New Zealand’s largest real estate group as well as having a presence in 830 offices across 10 countries.

“There is scope to work internationally, as well as develop your career within our New Zealand business.”

An example of the career progression you can have within Harcourts is starting out as a sales consultant, moving into office management, then a role in the corporate office and finally business ownership.

Ellett says Harcourts prides itself on being a team that encourages each other to higher levels of success.

This is done through a culture of success and the use of industry leading training and technology.

“If you have a career goal and are prepared to work hard, Harcourts will do everything possible to get you where you want to be.”

Of note, Ellett says, is that there is not one personality type or education or life experience that best fits the industry.

“There are over 2,300 real estate sales consultants working for Harcourts in New Zealand and each brings their own individual style. How you connect with one person will not work with another, and that’s where a sales consultant’s unique personality is important. In terms of backgrounds, we have young people joining us straight from university, former corporates, people with retail experience. Our people are diverse. Our people could be you.”

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