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May 09, 2017

Cameron Bailey reigns supreme for fifth straight year

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Cameron Bailey.jpgHarcourts Gold’s Cameron Bailey has been celebrated as the top Harcourts sales consultant in the Christchurch region for the fifth consecutive year.

Cameron, who was also Harcourts’ top agent internationally for 2015-16, says his formula for ongoing success is simple.

“Real estate is an absolute passion for me and I find myself pushing harder every year. I think the key is being able to build a good rapport quickly with people.”

He says the real turning point in his success was understanding he couldn’t do it alone.

“I made a conscious effort to let my PAs run me rather than the other way around.

“That lets me focus on what I love doing and do best, and that is listing and selling homes,” says Cameron, who works out of Harcourts Gold Real Estate Ltd’s Papanui office.

Harcourts CEO Chris Kennedy says Cameron’s career offers a fine example to other real estate sales consultants on how to be successful.

“As a Christchurch local he knows his area inside out, but he doesn’t rely on that. He works incredibly hard to get to know his clients, and to understand what they need from him and from their property transactions.

“A huge part of his business comes from repeat clients and referrals from previous clients. That is the best evidence there is that he knows what he’s doing and is doing it incredibly well,” he says.

Cameron’s colleague at Harcourts Gold Papanui, Mary Turnbull placed number three on Harcourts 2016-17 list of top sales consultants in Canterbury, while Alison Aitken of Harcourts Grenadier Christchurch City placed at number two.

Other award recipients included Sue Roberts, of Harcourts Twiss Keir Belfast, named the Christchurch region’s top rural sales consultant for 2016-17, while Simon Rowland-Jones of NAI Harcourts Christchurch City Commercial, was named as the top commercial sales consultant.

Lily Simons of Harcourts Grenadier Accommodation Centre Ltd was named the year’s top property manager.

The regional Harcourts 2016/2017 End of Year Awards precede the National Awards event to be held at the upcoming Harcourts Annual Conference in Wellington on May 21-24. It is the largest real estate conference in New Zealand.

This year’s Christchurch 2015/2016 End of Year award winners:
Top Sales Consultant: Cameron Bailey (Papanui)
Top Rural Sales Consultant: Sue Roberts (Belfast)
Top NAI Harcourts Sales Consultant: Simon Rowland-Jones (Christchurch City Commercial)
Top Property Manager: Lily Simons (Grenadier Accommodation Centre Ltd)