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June 06, 2019

Harcourts donation makes a positive difference in people’s lives

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Two syringe drivers have been donated to Te Omanga Hospice to help bring comfort and relief to people living with a terminal or life limiting illness. The donation was made as part of an innovative programme funded by the Harcourts Foundation.

Established in 2017, the Hospice NZ Grants Programme has seen more than $114,000 donated to hospices across the country to date. The goal of the programme is to provide hospices with an opportunity to apply for grants to fund key items that directly benefit people using their services. 

Biddy Harford, Chief Executive of Te Omanga Hospice, says the use of syringe drivers in palliative care has been well documented as providing relief from distressing symptoms at the end of life. “It makes a huge difference for our patients to be able to quickly control their symptoms enbabling them to have quality of life and peace of mind at the end of their lives. It helps families maintain their independence, particularly when patients are being cared for at home.”

Biddy goes on to say, “we are very thankful to Harcourts Foundation and Hospice NZ for helping us make a difference in the lives of people we care for. Without wonderful donations such as this one, we wouldn’t be able to deliver quality care and support, free of charge, to our community.”


Biddy Harford, Chief Executive of Te Omanga Hospice