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November 21, 2019

Harcourts Hawke’s Bay helps raise over $240,000 for Cranford Hospice

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“Our work touches the lives of families who live across Hawke’s Bay, with the youngest person we’re caring for only one year old and the oldest 101 years old,” said Cranford Hospice CEO, Janice Byford-Jones.

For 28 years the Hawke’s Bay community has been pulling together to support Cranford Hospice through the Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction. When the opportunity came up three years ago for Harcourts Hawke’s Bay to come on board as the auction partner, it was a marriage made in heaven.

“Harcourt Hawke’s Bay is a big supporter of local charities through the Harcourts Foundation and nationally Harcourts has trained most of New Zealand’s top auctioneers, so it was a perfect fit,” said Kaine Wilson, Managing Director of Harcourts Hawke’s Bay.

“Nothing beats an expert auctioneer when it comes time to whip up some spirited bidding and keep the crowd entertained,” adds Wilson. Harcourts provides the services of the auctioneers and the team at Harcourts Hawke’s Bay promote the event extensively through their local advertising, direct mail and social media channels, all at no charge.

“We’re locally owned so everyone here really gets in behind this event for Cranford Hospice each year,” said General Manager, James Cooper. “It’s not uncommon to know someone who has needed the support of hospice at some point in their lives. We’re delighted to be able to give back to our community by doing our part for this very significant annual fundraiser.”

The 2019 Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction raised over $240,000 – the highest auction total to date – and every dollar goes to Cranford Hospice.

“This year we need to fundraise more than $3 million to ensure our services remain free to our patients,” said Byford-Jones. “We are humbled by the continued generosity of the wine industry and sponsors and acknowledge the sheer amount of work that is involved – from visualising and creating the perfect blend, right through to auction. We couldn’t be more grateful for the support you give to ensure those who are dying have the quality of care while they are still living.”

In 2019, more than $64,000 was donated to other hospice services around the country through the Harcourts Foundation funded Hospice NZ Grants Programme.

Kaine Wilson and James Cooper, Harcourts Hawkes Bay helped raise $241K for hospice

Kaine Wilson and James Cooper from Harcourts Hawke’s Bay were thrilled to help raise over $240,000 for Cranford Hospice at this year’s
Hawke’s Bay
Wine Auction.

Harcourts auctioneers Bryan Thomson and Chris Kennedy at Hawkes Bay Wine Auction

Harcourts NZ Managing Director, Bryan Thomson, and Harcourts Gold GM, Chris Kennedy, get the bidding underway.