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February 26, 2021

Harcourts helps raise over a cool million from Pop-Up Penguins

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For the past three months, the Pop-Up Penguins proudly supported by Harcourts have been on display across Canterbury.

With the installation of the decorated penguins in libraries, supermarkets, museums and public places, members of the public were able to enjoy an ‘Art Trail’ where they could register as having seen a penguin in a specific location and enjoy the hunt to find every penguin on the trail.

The penguins themselves were decorated by a selection of artists who came from a variety of backgrounds, including children, amateur artists and experienced artists from across the country.

On Wednesday evening, all of Harcourts auctioneers from Christchurch took to the stage to ensure that the penguins, which had drummed up support over summer, were sold at the best price to the keen bidders in order to raise funds for the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.

The bidding opened with a bang and the first 10 art works of the 50 or so on sale, collectively sold for over $100,000. The total proceeds raised under the hammer has been officially announced as $1,005,500 with about 75 per cent going to the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.

Harcourts New Zealand Managing Director, Bryan Thomson said, “In 2014, the good people of Christchurch raised $465,650 for the fabulous giraffe sculptures which were installed across their fine city. To raise over a million dollars from the penguins is just outstanding. Congratulations to everyone who was part of this amazing initiative to support the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.”

“We’re incredibly grateful to Wild in Art, Harcourts and all the sponsors that brought the Pop-Up Penguins event to life”, said Tanya Cooke, Fundraising and Marketing Manager - Cholmondeley Children’s Centre.

Harcourts Christchurch Regional Manager, Jim Davis, expressed his gratitude to all the businesses from across Christchurch that contributed to the success of this event. "There was sponsorship and support from teams and individuals far and wide, many who deserve endless thanks.”

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Photo: one of the fabulous penguins that went under the hammer at the auction to raise funds for the Cholmondeley Children’s Centre


Photo: Rebekah Connor of Harcourts New Zealand with the penguin she proudly decorated 


Photo: a selection of the penguins that were decorated by artists from across New Zealand and auctioned for charity