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May 11, 2020

Harcourts International partners with Campaigntrack to launch innovative Digital Property Marketing solution

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Harcourts International partners with Campaigntrack to launch innovative Digital Property Marketing solution

Harcourts continues its drive to be at the forefront of real estate marketing by announcing the launch of Harcourts Digital, the industry’s most advanced multi-channel digital marketing solution, across Australia and New Zealand. The multi-channel solution leverages the enviable capabilities of three of the biggest advertising channels - Facebook, Google Search and Google Display Advertising as well as automated social media content posting to effectively connect with a wide range of buyers and sellers.

“Campaigntrack acted early in building our AIM technology, in collaboration with Google and Facebook. Our extreme automation allows our platform to deliver very sophisticated digital marketing at very attractive price points. Already delivering an anticipated 50,000 campaigns annually and growing, this is a frontier that every agency and agent needs to have some interest in. Any digital strategy that is completely or largely reliant on the traditional property portals presents a dangerous approach over which the industry has no control, we believe. AIM’s purpose is to build massive marketing traction beyond the portals, favouring the client’s brand, website traffic and exclusive remarketing data,” says Stefan Williams, Campaigntrack Co-Founder.

Benefitting both agents and vendors alike, Harcourts International’s digital marketing maximises a property’s online exposure independent of the property portals and reconnects people with properties they have already shown an interest in online.

“Digital is no longer the future, it is today. We saw the need for a marketing solution that works beyond the traditional property platforms to ensure that not only Harcourts properties appear in front of more buyers, that buyers who are more likely to be interested in our clients’ properties are targeted online ensuring optimal ROI for our clients’ investments. Given our global footprint, the digital marketing solutions we offer give us the benefit of a wide referral and re-marketing database, along with building personal and office brand exposure at scale,” Stephen Deane, Harcourts Chief Marketing Officer says. 

“We constantly push for solutions that benefit our vendors, agents, and offices directly. We believe the real estate journey for clients is personalised, people based and predictive; our strategy reaches far beyond the function of traditional property platforms. To this end, we wanted a 100% on-brand digital solution, traffic and leads that land on our websites and ensure remarketing audiences built off those ad clicks, and site visits are managed exclusively by us. Harcourts Digital does all of this.” Mr Deane says.

The release of Harcourts new digital marketing tool is powered by Campaigntrack’s AIM technology, as an extension of the marketing platform used by Harcourts. This commitment to digital further deepens the partnership between Campaigntrack and Harcourts.

“We chose Campaigntrack’s AIM to power Harcourts Digital because of their multi-channel technology and automation, campaign performance and value. Delivering ads and posts into multiple digital channels means our properties and agents are seen more often and by the right audiences.” Mr Deane says.

Harcourts Digital signifies a fresh new approach to delivering powerful and relevant marketing solutions in today’s ever-changing real estate environment. 

“Combined with our industry-leading systems and our commitment to driving effectiveness and efficiencies through technology, we are excited to launch a powerful program of digital marketing across the Harcourts business that we believe is unrivaled in the real estate industry. For many, Harcourts is a name filled with history, and yet for others it is a name synonymous with the future,” Mr Deane says.