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May 25, 2020

Local trio punches above their weight winning national award

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They may be a small team from a small rural town, but Harcourts Te Aroha was punching way above its weight when it won the National Client Experience Award earlier this month at the Harcourts annual awards.

Allison, Barry and Jacki Harcourts Te Aroha

Jacki Revell, Barry Monds and Allison Ward of Harcourts Te Aroha.

Up against 194 other Harcourts offices around New Zealand, the tight-knit team of three are proof that consistently putting people first and doing whatever it takes hasn’t gone unnoticed. Described by sellers and buyers alike as ‘down-to-earth’, ‘genuinely caring’ and ‘made us feel valued and relaxed’, this trio pull out all the stops to take the stress out of buying and selling real estate.

Due to COVID-19, Harcourts held its national awards via Zoom this year, with close to one thousand Harcourts team members attending the “virtual” event.

“We couldn’t believe it when we heard we’d won a national award”, says Jacki. “It was surreal! We thought how did we manage that – with just the three of us!”

The Harcourts Client Experience Programme was created so that Harcourts offices could listen to, measure and act on feedback from their clients by anonymously surveying sellers and buyers. It uses something called a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction, taking into account those who would recommend the agent, those who are neutral and those who are not satisfied with the service they received.

In the world of NPS, a score of 70 is considered ‘world class’, so Harcourts Te Aroha’s score of 83 is truly outstanding. The score given by sellers was even higher, an amazing 89, and none of their clients rated themselves as dissatisfied, which is quite exceptional in a world where customer expectations continue to grow.

“It’s really lovely to know that our sellers and buyers are so happy with the service we provide,” says Jacki, “and to be recognised with a national award for our efforts is the icing on the cake.”